Thursday, August 4, 2011



 my grandmother's house has so much nature. so beautiful!

 best restaurant in town!
 CHEEEESE! 美味しかった!



in america, cows say MOOOOOO (むーーーー)
but in hiroshima, i guess they say MOOOOW (もーーーーー)?

I went to HIROSHIMA to visit my mother in law and sister in law before we all go to LA for me and hubby's wedding next month.  It was such a nice trip, being surrounded by nature.  I think next time we will go by airplane because the ride up by shinkansen was TOUGH!  Anyhow I had a wonderful experience in the countryside.  Can't wait to visit mom in law again!


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Tabby O said...

I like the train car seat with the disabled print...I wonder if I could get a fabric with that pattern! haha