Friday, August 26, 2011

GOOD BYE LA...for now..

What a dreadful morning at LAX airport.....I can't wait to be back in Tokyo...where the customer service is SO MUCH BETTER.  I was supposed to be on JAL but because of a code share bin thingy ma jig...American Airlines will be servicing this flight.  I want to thank the lady at the customer service counter for helping me the Staff at the TICKET CHECK IN COUNTER was SOOO MEAN! (PLEASE DONT LOSE MY BAGGAGE!!!!) Anyway I'll be back in Southern California again in 10 days for my wedding...(This time flying SINGAPORE AIR..god please help me..) So Yes, it's finally happening..I am going to have an actual wedding...I think it's going to be fun..with 100 of my family members and 11 of Ryota's. HEHE..  I MISS MY HUBBY SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, I should board now..See you all in TOKYO!!


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