Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 Walking into the Sretsis Exhibition was like walking into a dream...
and it smelled sooo sweet....

 cotton candy!
Yuko (H30), Tan, Nok, & PIM 
Pim is the mastermind designer of this brand 
 OMG i wanted to die everything was TOOO CUTE!!

 this installation was so creative & amazing I really felt like I was 'up in the clouds'

 cuuute shoes

cute prints!!!

 looooved this!!!

 the knit wrap can be worn like above..

 this design did remind me of 'my little pony' days..

 the accessories were absolutely amazing!! TOO CUTE!!

you can find these earrings on the cover of NYLON this month.

the accessories are designed by Matina who also has her own brand MATINA AMANITA

 the rings.............i was so excited i almost slipped on the clouds..

 i want every piece...

 in love with these illustrations on the dress..

So what does Sretsis mean!?  Sretsis is 'Sister' spelled backwards, and describes this brand derived from the bond of 3 talented sisters (Kly, Matina, & Pim photographed above).  When I was young my sister and I used to use sretsis as a code when we talked and who would have thought that it would turn out to be this super cute girly brand?!

 H30 Fashion Bureau is in charge of sales&PR in Japan.  You can find their info here:  H30 


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