Thursday, June 16, 2011

PARTY REPORT. UGGS Australia "A Celebration of Summer" Opening After Party @ AOYAMA GEIHINKAN

RENA x me ♥


 the secret live : ANNA TSUCHIYA
It was my first time to hear Anna sing and I was super impressed!! I've ALWAYS loved her and now I love her MOREEEE!! She's sooooooooooo kakkoi!!!!!!!!! でしょ?!アンアさんが大好き!

 amazing strong voice!!!!

I think this is about the 4th time that I've been to Aoyama Geihinkan for an event.  I love this place because it's sooooo beautiful.  I wouldn't mind doing my wedding party here.  hehe Anyhow..we got awesome souvenirs from the UGG event..I got brown flip flops with the furry padding so it's sooo soft. Thank you UGG!  BTW, it's been so long since all of my homies came to party with meeee!! TRIP x KELLEY x USKEOLOGY お疲れさまでした!!!


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