Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I went to see Moumoon's live on Monday at Sound Plaza in Nakano. I've never been here before so it felt like a little culture shock. HEHE Anyhow I LOOOOVE YUKA from Moumoon!!! Her music is so happy and her acoustic songs are soooo karaoke-able.  My ultimate favoritest song of hers is SUNSHINE GIRL. You will get HOOKED on this song!!!!!! My goal is to perfect it at karaoke HEHE

After the live we went backstage to say otsukare!!!! YUKA頑張って!YUKAが大好き!!
 please excuse the mess. HEHE
after this we went for dinner in nakano..
 ended up at this place..and i couldn't really order because I couldn't really read the menu..

 I was too hungry that everything else that came out I just ate & forgot to take a photo! oops..
then nicola & i headed to the station and got lost in this street..LOL

then I really craved takoyaki but got azuki ice cream instead. HEHE yes I'm a pig. oink oink


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