Sunday, June 5, 2011


How many girls out there have actually gotten results from any of the exercise videos/DVDs that you've bought!? How many exercise videos/DVDs have you tried and actually had FUN doing it?!  Besides Billy's Boot Camp, which was the 1st exercise video I ever tried 7 yrs ago or so, I didn't have any fun with any other exercise video..I tried Carmen Elecktra's Sexy Dance Videos (tried all the DVDs) & Core Rhythm (FAIL)..but didn't feel motivated to continue them and quit shortly after.  I just started JONTE'S DANCE UP video and it's sooooo much fun!!  Because Jonte speaks a little bit of Japanese, he uses a little bit into his intructions and the titles of the dances are super funny and easy to understand.  Anyhow, I really recommend this DVD.  It comes with a book too so that you can learn the dances and instructions on how to do them properly.  You can buy this DVD on amazon: CHECK HERE.  みんな頑張ってね!!JONTEお疲れ!!love you long time.


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