Monday, June 27, 2011


I wish I could share all the photos of this concert which was pretty amazing by the way..but they are still on tour so you will have to actually go see it to see how great it was!!!!  It was my first time to see a real REAL J-POP group tour..and I felt like I wanted to get up and para para to some of the songs.  I wanted to learn all their moves and do it too like all of the fans. My favorite part was their 'attraction' part..where they did a parody of something..which I can't mention here HEHE.. I only know CHIAKI personally from the group so I really only went to see her, but towards the end actually learned a bit about each member's character.. Their new single 'NO MORE NO CRY' has quite a catchy hook. You can listen to it here: NO MORE NO CRY. You can see their TOUR SCHEDULE HERE: AAA BUZZ COMMUNICATION TOUR if is sold sorry. hehe CHIAKI お疲れさまでした!!!! Here are a few photos of the members from when they performed at GIRL'S AWARD.

here's a blurry photo from my shitty was a SOLD out night! すごい!
on the way home..we saw this AAA fan's car in front of us!!やばいね


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