Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Golden Week Wednesday..

 I dropped by Trumproom for TANOSHI TOKYO
 HATCH was dressed totally different today! hehe
you can follow his parties here: ME AND MY FRIENDS

after a tequila coke..I headed over to AIR


party people!

aww i loooove Ken's DJ!!!!!

It's been a quiet Golden Week for me...I really wanted to go to Osaka earlier this week but plans came up and things didn't work out..So I want to apologize for my quiet party reports...I used to always look forward to the parties during Golden Week in Tokyo but this year has been different.  Many friends are out of town this year...I should pack up my bags and visit my mom for mothers day...I still have a few days to think about it right? hmm......anyhow..I hope that everyone is having a relaxing Golden Week and spending it with their loved ones...There will be plenty of parties and things going on next i'll try my best to capture those moments then...Happy こどもの日!!


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