Saturday, May 21, 2011

JUST MARRIED!!!!!! ♥ 5.21.2011 2AM

i was asked to be his girlfriend at 2am 5.21.2010 (after midnight of the 20th)
it was big news then..hehe
and we continued to be very close since then...

then we decided to get married and he got me this super cute Q-POT ring!

with his heart inside..HEHE

it's amazing how fast 1 yr goes by...
we got our 2 witnesses to sign that they will watch over us...

and we turned in our papers on 5.21.2011 stamped at exactly 2am! 
(after midnight of the 20th)

Yes, we are OFFICIALLY MARRIED!!!!! We haven't decided when to have our wedding ceremony or wedding party yet, but want to say thank you to everyone who has been with us through this journey...I can't even describe how amazing my life has been with Ryota in it.  Fate DOES to all my single ladies out there...stop looking..stop trying so hard...just keep smiling and find yourself first...once you are happy with yourself...out of nowhere,  your 'one' will notice it.  So you have until our wedding to find yourself..I mean isn't that where most lovers meet each other? (at weddings?) hehe anypoo Advice from my mom to all my single friends, 'Don't settle for a guy that YOU like more than HE likes you'...Ever since I've been with Ryota, I've felt like the luckiest girl in the world....he loves me for who I am and has never criticized me to change anything about myself!  ♥ I'm sorry for this cheesy post..but I just wanted to apologize in advance that I might not be out partying every night like usual for a few days...hehe  Marriage life is nice....everyone should try it! hehe   



  1. congrats! ~~~ i'm so happy for you, I really wish you the best :D you guys look really good together

  2. Congratulations! Love when people in love get married!

  3. hey mai - congratulations! x


  4. Congrats Mai and Ryota!!! You two are too adorable!!!
    Best wishes <3

  5. Congratulations! :D Wishing you all the best for a happy future together!

  6. stumbled into your blog from stlye bubble. I loved how you said once you're happy with yourself... that really touched me! congratulations and best wishes! wishing you happines and lots of love!


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