Friday, April 8, 2011



 hey TRIP if you do this excerise it will tone your underarm flab!!
shingo taught me this. HEHE

faster faster!!! hehe


 i want to make the photos below into a .gif file! how can i?

 toy camera mode!

The best part about living in Nakameguro is that I can do HANAMI anytime, everyday!  I just called a bunch of friends at the last minute and everyone met up at BAJA, the sort of mexican bar across from my old house.  We walked up and down the river and went home smelling like KEBABS!  I was craving TAKOYAKI all night.....I wish someone would set up a TAKOYAKI stand!  Anypoo, there are still parts of the river that haven't fully bloomed yet so this means that I can still put together HANAMI parties for another week! YAY! 


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