Sunday, April 10, 2011



 since last year, i found the perfect spot to hold my hanami party..

   I didn't plan a party in advance but friends dropped by randomly

 Seek x NASHI

 this phone was SO zoolander's phone!

 my favorite twins AMI & AYA passed by..
 hello may!


 今日2回あったのMURAKAMIさん x YUKIちゃん x MAY




 AYA & friends♡
 in the end it was just a full on イケメン night

久しぶりにあったSHOGEN x SHINGO♡

I came to BONNY BUTTERFLY around 3pm and left around 1am...It was such a beautiful day with crowds of happy people..So many things seemed to happen the PROTEST MARCH in KOENJI (sounded very successful!),  ISHIHARA winning the election again (BOOOOOOO!) and even talks about YAMAGUCHI-GUMIさん getting released from Jail after a 6 yr sentence...I got to see many friends that I haven't hung out with in a while.  So much has changed in a year.  My friend Keyth was with us at last year's Hanami at Bonny Butterfly.  It had started raining towards the end and we all ended up at my house..a bunch of girls & Keyth.  I found a video that he took with my flip camera at my house that night of all the girls putting their make-up on....なつかしい...I miss him SOOO much...........During that Hanami, I announced that at that moment, I decided that I had an official crush on a boy...a boy who is now my fiance. hehe How awesome is that?  Anyhow..thank you everyone for coming out today!!!  We had so many ambitious & deep conversations about the future!  This is a turning point for us..we need to stay positive and try our best to KEEP SMILING...and spread good vibes to everyone around us.  I love you all!  I love you Tokyo.   


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  1. Oh wow, it's so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the photos of your hanami party.

    ps. The story of your official crush turned fiance is adorable! Congratulations! :D


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