Saturday, February 19, 2011


ERROLSON flew in today just for my birthday dinner! SO HAPPPPY!!!!!

I love my friends so much!!! I love that no matter how busy their schedules are, they make time for me...and want to celebrate my birthday with me every year...I feel sooo lucky! Errolson was supposed to come to Tokyo tomorrow but flew in a day earlier just to make my dinner. Misa, Ikue & Michiko & I have been friend since I first moved to Japan...Yokoさん and Chika are my Japanese family...Yone couldn't make it but called me just to say Happy Birthday..Liv had to go to Nagoya for TGC but was nice enough to call as well..My favorites, Yusuke & Shingo & Kelley...also there to set the mood..and special thanks to Meg, Melody & May for EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I mean..EVERYTHING!!! Love you guys sooo much!!! Every year, since I moved to this area, I've hosted by birthday dinner at Junkadelic. I was in LA last year so I couldn't but this year has been super amazing so far. As for work things.. I have many new projects in the process at the please keep an eye out for me & TRIP'S ANGELS!  


Thank you everyone for the wonderful facebook & twitter messages, phone calls and emails. I love you all!!!


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