Saturday, January 8, 2011

TOKYO APACHE vs. Shimane Susanoo Magic

To start off today's game, special guest GiroLamo shot some hoops.

I knew this game was going to be good

Shingo's 2nd time to the game..he will play the 3 point challenge later..
the girls came out

the half-time show

damn his feet are HUGE..

sorry i was obsessed..LOL
the stands were crowded today!!

between the 3rd & 4th quarter, Shingo played the 30 second 3 point challenge
he did good!!

i heart loud and emotional fans!! so much energy last nite!!!! Altho the team lost today, it was a pretty good game, lots of amazing 3 point shots from COHEY once again and lay ups by BYRON EATON. I'm still learning all of the players names and their specialties. Since when did I become such a basketball fan?! should come watch one time and you'll understand. Anyhow, there is a game today, SUNDAY Jan. 9th @ 2pm! After this, the next home game is on the 18th! Please order your tix here: TOKYO APACHE See you there!!


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  1. Hi Mai! My name is Lizz and I'm the fiance of Tokyo Apache assistance coach Hill. How are you! I was just directed to your Twitter and blog. Thanks for your Apache support!

    Hope to see you and meet you at the game this afternoon.

    All my best,


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