Thursday, January 6, 2011


courtside seats..yes....

Cheerleaders Trained from LA!!

sorry for the million photos of the Tokyo Girls..I no longer care to be an idol..but a CHEERLEADER.... I want to learn their routines!!!!!!!!!! Which is your favorite? check the roster here: TOKYO GIRLS

before the 2nd half..trip catches the ball.. hehe

and here we go.. DARIN MAKI



the final score! Tokyo Apache 98 - Oita Heat Devils 85!!!

Thanks for coming guys!!

How many of you knew that there was Pro Basketball in Japan!?!? Anyone!? Well, apparently, not many people but now you know..and Basketball season has started..from Today! I root for TOKYO APACHE...They have a GREAT LINE up of players this year (see roster here), a new coach BOB HILL who has had great experience coaching for the NBA (New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, Seattle Super Sonics) (see more info here) and some HOT CHEERLEADERS trained and brought over from LA. (TOKYO GIRLS INFO HERE). To see the schedule for this season, please click here. They have 4 consecutive home games in a row, so you have plenty of chances to check out the game this week. The season ends around the beginning of MAY..If you live in Tokyo, LOVE BASKETBALL & the NBA, I highly recommend checking out this game..All home games are at YOYOGI GYMNASIUM II. Try it once and I guarantee, you will get such an adrenaline rush & can't help but become a fan! For more info please check the TOKYO APACHE site HERE.


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