Sunday, January 9, 2011

新年会 at the Webb's

2 lovely angels, beni x ninon

my lovely Pちゃん

kenny x trip.. 2011's newest ♡

the balance game..

Though yesterday was sunday, I had work meetings until very late so I didn't arrive to the Webb's until nearly 10pm. The Webbs are, Martin Webb, marketing & communications director for Marc Jacobs Japan & Yoshiko, the mother of the 2 beautiful princesses, Beni x Ninon (photo above). It was a nice home party environment with a mix of old friends and new. Unfortunately, I was too tired to take photos (sorry!!!) Also, all photos above are from my new CASIO EXILIM which was a present from Casio at the end of last year. Thank you Casio! I'm still getting used to it...some functions that are handy on my RICOH CX3 are not available on this camera, so shooting has been a bit difficult to adjust to. It is however great for the 'beautiful skin' function. Everyone looks great! Anypoo here is my new camera.

Well I hope that everyone is having a wondering walk into the new year. I think most people start work tomorrow. みんな頑張ってね!!!Let's make 2011 better than 2010!!!


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