Friday, January 8, 2010

PARTY REPORT. Mai FIRST day back to partying in Tokyo 2010

look at 'em ppl doing the mochi thingy

Hello everyone. I just got back from LA a few days ago and have been dealing with some gnarly jetlag that makes me pass out before 9pm. Anyhow, this was my first night out and about again and tho it was a bit slow, I had so much fun catching up with all the tokyo party people that actually came out today. hehe ANYHOW, the real party starts FRIDAY JAN 8, 2010 from 10pm @ velours. see u there!



I went to a pre-screening of the tv drama 'fringe' today at WB today. Actually, it was more of an educational introduction of WARNER ON DEMAND, a website available for movie/tv show downloads onto your mobile & pc. I learned a lot about WB today and their success over the last 85 years!!!! さすがWB! Anyhow, Trip x I will be organizing the launch party for WARNER ON DEMAND at Velours today January 8th (friday). I hope to see everyone there!!!! for more info: CLICK HERE.


Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Warner on Demand Launch party is TOMORROW! I hope ya'll saved the date, registered on and are dropping in tomorrow!! As I just got back from LA, it was nice to meet up with everyone and catch up about the new year. Kenji is one of my favorites. He speaks really fast so everytime I hang out with him I feel like my Japanese has improved that much more. hehe He is part of the DJ-unit TOKYO BIG BOYS and they will be dj-ing tomorrow. To find out more about Tokyo Big Boys: Click Here.
for more info about
WARNER ON DEMAND: click here.
How to come to our party: click here.
if you register and become a member, you can enter our party for 1000円!what a deal!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i heart BIG PHONY.

This is my favorite CD right now. I dont know if you can get it yet but Bobby gave it to me on NYE. Thank you Bobby! I LOVE IT! It's been on repeat since i got it and I want everyone to listen to it! It does have the emo, elliot smith sound to it...and that is exactly why i love it. I'm addicted. I hope Bobby comes to Tokyo soon so that i can organize an event where he can perform at. I want him to go global. He's amazingly talented. For more info : CLICK HERE BIG PHONY


I left LA so LA came to me...RAY & SAYAKA in TOKYO!

I'm jealous of this couple...Ray & Sayaka. I dunno if I can say why they are in Tokyo right now, besides to see me (heehee) so.. mm ok. I won't. Ray is the funniest and sweetest guy ever. Sayaka, is an accupuncturist. I've yet to be poked by her needles. I came back from LA today...I would say about 12 hrs ago (it's 4:27am now)..and I absolutely HAD to meet up with these 2. I met them in LA..and they totally took care of me on Halloween!!! so yeah, I'm so jealous of them. too much LOVE! SO CUTE. So F'in cute. Ray gives me hope that there ARE nice guys out there!
and yes, i got fat. little piggy. oink.


UMAMI BURGER at Space 1520, LA

our waiter, Matthew......



My Sunshine: Vivian Bang

together, they are my will.
love u guys sooo much!

my family: naoko x taejo x my 3
i miss u guys sooo much.



Joyrich on Melrose

i dropped by to visit tom and bought a bunch of stuff. hehe


PARTY REPORT. HAPPY NEW YEAR @ Maitreya (Ktown) 12.31.2009

my favorite people.

paul x bobby choy
i heart bobby's new cd!!!!!!!!!! it sounds a lot like elliot smith. very depressing. ♡


david the dancer.

we met in pharmacy school!

and so the shots begin..began...

we heart lanny kim.

then the taping (not video) started. nooo idea where it came from..

im sorry, but i just LOVE these 2 and couldn't stop taking their pictures..

more shots.

paul x alex from canada (as everyone referred...)



oops. my bad.

so in tokyo, i think at midnight..we drink moet. but in's vodka.

ok so, my boobies got too much attention and i had to change out of my dress..

i dunno who this is but she had a lil too much......moderation people!