Monday, December 20, 2010


Velours hosted a secret Christmas Party tonight which was held at the SOHO in Odaiba. Invited guests met at the Westin Hotel in Ebisu or other main spots thru out Tokyo to ride a shuttle bus to SoHo. I was told that only couples were invited so it felt like a romantic night for me and Ryota. In the end, I realized that people came as pairs..couples or not so it was quite funny to see 2 guy friends come together of which I knew were not lovers..HEHE I used to do many parties at Velours but had slowed down mid-summer...So there were some new faces that I had never seen before at the event tonight. I had fun though..and treated it as a special romantic early Christmas date. Free Champagne and food all night. Thanks Velours!

i loooved the colors of THE SOHO!

the view was amazing on the 13th floor!

The Terrace was the best!!! I can't wait to come out here on a nice sunny day!

we explored a bit..

TINA sang for us

Thank u for inviting us Kitaさん!

then a stop back at velours..ran into PINK BULL
Chiho & Canny


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