Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PARTY REPORT. TOKYO大望年会2010 @ VANITY 12.28.2010


so let me explain..the reason i'm dressed as a maid is because the dresscode was: i♡日本.. and the only other 2 people that kinda dressed up are above. HEHE 恥ずかしかった!

YUKIちゃん dropped by too with some IKEA goods for me!



This was my first time to DJ at Vanity. The only other time I came here was for the opening of this venue so there were already people here when I arrived and wasn't able to see exactly what the place looked like. I went to the artist area to drop off my stuff and walked down a hallway of other artists room to the toilet. What a great venue to hold a live event! I was impressed with the backstage. As for the club itself, I felt that it brought a very 'roppongi' crowd...Many salarymen, foreigners and people that like mainstream 'pop music' (exactly what i play! YES! hehe). When I played Lady Gaga, a herd of salarymen came out of no where and were fistpumping on the dancefloor...SOOO FUNNY! ANyhow, there is nothing wrong with this of course...but as everyone knows...I DISLIKE ROPPONGI CLUBS...(because of the gross guys that have no shame and just try to hit on you..) but actually wouldn't mind recommending this venue to friends visiting from the states that prefer an 'english' environment...but of course this would defeat the purpose of visiting Japan! hehe Anyhow, for the little time I was here, the staff were very nice and accomodating. So for now, I don't completely cross it off the list. Most of the time I don't go to parties because of the venues, but more to support my friends (or if I'm booked to DJ).....Tonight I had a great time catching up with people I hadn't seen for a while....aww..good memories...  


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