Friday, October 8, 2010

PARTY REPORT.『BARK in NIGHT vol.3』 -BARK in STYLe 2nd Anniversary @ NOS



he almost kicked me in the face. LOL


♡shingo x mika-chu♡

They arrived from LA TODAY!!!!

i haven't seen bianca in SOOO or 4 years?!
she's the designer and founder of DEAR CREATURES

rob vs ryota..
who's taller!?
I think rob is but he thinks ryota is.. hehe

these girls were at it all night.............

OMG- JAKE. they let u back in JAPAN! YAY!!!!!!

I didn't plan to at first but ended up stopping by the BARK IN STYLE 2nd Anniversary at NOS. It was PACKED! I guess you are guaranteed a nice attendence of girls when it's a male model agency party. HEHE I have to say, I was impressed. I saw many old friends that I didn't see in a while and also, since my friend Bianca arrived today, it was a good experience for her. But actually, the real reason we stopped by here today was for JONTE'S suprise Birthday CAKE!


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