Sunday, October 3, 2010


Happy Birthday Banno!



hello NAL

Happy Birthday BANNO!!!!


good friends hold your cake up for you when you blow out the candles hehe



Birthday parties always get a little bit...provacative.. hehe

I feel like it's been a really long time since I actually sat down and had a conversation with these guys. I must say we used to party together SUPER HARD 2 years ago. I remember when we used to party hop from 5-8 parties a night and end up at UC until 10am then do jumping photos in the street. Great memories...What's happened to the party scene lately!? Is it just that we are all getting a bit older!? Yukio from Vice got married on Sunday...Will the Vice parties stop now!? It seems as tho most people are settling down now, and on top of that, the streetwear culture and brands are having a hard time in this economy. There is not much budget to throw great parties anymore and when they do, the parties just aren't as interesting either, especially since the rotation of DJ's are the same pretty much every other day. Why pay to go to a party when you can watch your favorite DJ play somewhere else for free?! I think this is the dilemma that clubs are having lately. I was sad to hear that La Fabrique closed. I actually enjoyed going to the crazy parties there... Anyhow..everyone that used to party hard with me has been thinking the same thing. It's sad but true, the Tokyo Party Scene is DEAD...but there is still a chance to bring it back...but I'm moving on..settling down and working on new things. Of course...I'll be in touch.

By the way, Happy Birthday Banno! (^-^)/


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