Monday, August 9, 2010


spontaneously decided to go to summersonic with my liv x melody

we made it just in time for A TRIBE CALLED QUEST!

ran into everyone on the floor!

his nipples were sweating. LOL

then off to see the sunset..

once again SENSE painted the skate ramp!

hi sense!

i guess some ppl just wanted to swim..

Liv called this the Industrial Sunset.
so beautiful

the we went to see DIE ANTWOORD...

he reminded me so much of vanilla ice. lol

then ran over to see JONSI

melody described him as.fairy music..
i know what she meant

then on our way to see stevie wonder...we ran into some friends..

then back to marine stage....STEVIE WONDER!

now on our way to see the PIXIES!!!!
with dorothy and 2 boy


i was SOOO HAPPY after they sang HERE COMES YOUR MAN!

see you all next year...hehe


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