Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PARTY REPORT. "SEMI FINAL GAME of World Cup2010 Public Viewing (Germany vs. Spain)" @ Velours

DJ TRIP in the house




the biggest organizer in shanghai!
Happy Birthday homie!

noriko's a I decided that I wanted to be one too...

what could they possibly be looking at...hehe

i was one in HSだからまたなりそうじゃない?!

we were stretching and...papa wanted to join..
i was just stretching at first...obviously noriko (far right) is the most flexible...
so we try again...noriko is 1st place, me 2nd, okuchan3rd then yone
maybe okuchan just had long fingers? hehe

jumping photography so fun.


the nobis

and then i was done. and i heard spain won! wow!!
うん another typical night in tokyo with us.


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