Wednesday, June 9, 2010

karaoke for the soul..

I hung out with my pseudo big brother last night. He owed me a yummy Shabu Shabu dinner from a year ago but our timing has been off since each of us happened to be out of the country when the other was free. I was sooo hungry that I forgot to take photos of all of our food this time...Sorry! Apparently Pork Shabu Shabu is quite popular now because it's 'apparently' good for the women's skin. Seriously?! After catching up...we decided to go to Karaoke with brother's friends. Drunk karaoke, Sober matter what karaoke you do, it feel soooooooo good after...So if you are ever stressed, sad, lonely, bored...I recommend going KARAOKE. And, it's good for diet too... hehe THANKS FOR DINNER AND KARAOKE 'T!'


1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    I still remember the fun it was doing karaoke when I was in Tokyo last year !!

    Keep bringing us the good mements and places from Japan !!

    Best regards,
    Tiago Santos from Lisbon,Portugal


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