Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sick during Golden Week. Boo.

Some people ask me if I ever sleep. YES, of course I do! But obviously not enough. All the partying has finally caught up with me and it's caught up with me at the WORST time of the year...It's golden week in Japan. The one week in Japan when everyone goes on vacation and most govermental facilities are CLOSED! The BEST parties were last weekend too but I've had to skip them!!!!!! I've NEVER missed a good party until now....but I was hit with a 39℃ fever Sunday night and had no energy to leave my bed to even get a drink of water. Now my right ear is feeling really weird probably from all the sneezing and I can't hear properly out of it!! OH NOOOOOO. I tried to go to work at SIGN cafe today too but I left early because I just couldn't stand anymore!!!!! omg.....I need to go to my doctor soooooo badly but they are not in the office until thursday. I've decided to check myself into a strange hospital a little far from my home to take a break from everything. I'll be back to Tokyo tomorrow. I apologize for no party reports this week... 泣

みんなは私がちゃんと寝ているか、心配してくれるけど、ちゃんと寝てるよ!十分じゃないけど。でも、日曜日から風邪をひいちゃった。熱が39度も出て、鼻をかみすぎて右耳も痛いし、咳も止まらない。。。最悪。今日はsign cafeだったけど具合が悪くて、早退しちゃった。。。しかも、ゴールデンウィークで病院はお休み。何より、楽しみにしてたパーティー、たくさんあったのに行けなかった!!!泣


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