Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tabloid had it's official opening launch event last night. If you remember, they held LADY GAGA x TERENCE KOH's secret live event here last month. You can check out more info about Tabloid here: TABLOID

my most favorite art piece.
the artist is UAMOU

they encouraged us to take photos!
so i did..hehe

check this video they MOVE!!!!! sooo cute!!!

food on wheels. from maisassygirl on Vimeo.

there was an auction for this art

really cool glow in the dark art!

wanna get some sunlight on the roof?
it was raining outside so i didnt take photos....(>.<)

Rogers name was completely spelled WRONG on the party info! but I'm glad he was there!!!! lol!

ah yes, finally, tokyo party people!

from now..it felt like prom night....im excited to start doing huge event here!!


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