Thursday, April 22, 2010

PARTY REPORT. Mellow Days and Jumping Days @ Velours 4.21.2010

the flyers are in. check info here:

so actually i went home after picking up the flyers...but then came back out because Gen offered to pick me up. I got to sit in his new audi while he raced thru was a little scary but BIG BANG was blasting on the speakers so I just imagined that I was in too fast too furious. hehe
Paul x Ed x Kenji (WB)
I love these guys. Paul is like my big bro..I met him in LA last year...and he is seriously the best husband type guy ever..He deserves a great if you think you are worth it.. give it a try. Ed..I LOVE ED! He works for this super awesome advertisement company and made the grammy commercials for Lady Gaga and Beyonce. He's soo smart and gives the best advice ever. hehe Kenji. Oh Kenji..He loves to pose for photos and is one of my motivators and biggest supporters. I love these guys sooo much and I'm so lucky to have them in my life.

Ed fell in love with this ruffly pillow..Or just in love with how it felt?! 笑

A day is NOT complete without jumping photography.
This is monica, an beautiful actress from HK. She's demonstrating how to jump. i heart monica.

I'm glad I came out last night.


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