Sunday, April 18, 2010


ただいま!!I'm back from New York!!! The entire way home, I was trying to think of ways to get myself to the LADY GAGA concert in Yokohama but no matter what method I considered, even taking my suitcase and baggage straight from narita to matter what, I would have been so late and probably would have missed half of it which would have not been worth it for me! Now everyone's talking about it and I wish I should have just WENT! gah. Anyhow, I think I caught a cold last night and popped a few pills of Tylenol Cold and passed out on the plane.. and am still feeling really shitty.

Anyhow, so this was my first time to NEW YORK. I have to say I have mixed feelings!!! It's so important for the first time to anywhere to be the best one, hence when friends or people I attend come thru Tokyo, I always make sure that they have the best time of their life. I try hard every time to take care of people 120% when they come thru here, good friends or not.. so then why is it that I seem to always end up in disappointment when I travel to 'their' town?!

I will however say big thanks to YSA, ALEX FROM TOKYO, PHIL from Streetpeeper and Marc Walkow. You guys saved my almost disasterous first experience. Thank you so much for making time for me and introducing me to your wonderful friends. Maybe next time after I get to shop and tour the town properly...I can possibly fall in love with New York, possibly.

Of course this trip was for work, for me to cover the It's My Time photo shoot .. I met amazing people there and made new friends too.. but my free time, as little as it was, was reallly important too and one free day was completely wasted for reasons that I hope to forget forever. Thank you to Anel for trying to make up for that.

This week is so I guess it's best if i go back to bed.

Good Night Tokyo. I love you.


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