Thursday, April 15, 2010

mai in NY.

the limo driver told me that is denzel washington when he was young on the board!

I'm staying at the Standard, NY.
love this note.

love this entrance!


indashio came by for lunch.

and we walked around a bit.

but I was soooo exhausted that I didnt take many good photos...hopefully my mind will be intact again later's already 6:31am.....and I want to eat breakfast at the hotel at I'm stay awake and eat breakfast..sleep after..or sleep now, eat breakfast before it's over..then go shopping!? hmmm why am i in NY!? I'm here covering the BENETTON PRESS EVENT for the IT'S MY TIME CAMPAIGN. I'm excited to meet the 20 winners!!!! (tho I walked past them thru out the day while I was coming in and out of the hotel)


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