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bloggers circle (L->R) : Nels Frye (stylites from beijing), Jamie (jamie's blog), Manuel (lbosquejo), Jackie Dixon (show me your wardrobe), and Montaigne Street (comme de garcon wearing triplets in the back). I felt like being amongst this blogger circle was like being with a mixi community as some of them referred to each other by their blog names. This was fascinating to me. Hello, I'm maisassygirl from tokyo.

Nels made this!

so this is where we play...i mean... work.

there was SOOO much food..

Jackie (show me your wardrobe) was a total professional. I was envious.

the italian benetton team who took very good care of us.

I interviewed Francis. He was my first, so I was super I didn't know how to approach him so I offered him some wasabi kitkat. I will admit, I'm not an experienced journalist which is why I was so nervous to approach any of the winners. Anyway, for some reason, Francis's profile really stood out to me..I think he reminded me of someone..or he just has that hapa look that is familiar to me since he looked like most of the half models in tokyo. yea that must be it..apparently he is an aspiring musician who is trying to make music and wants to participate in the Red Bull Academy. Good Luck!

I interviewed KIKO next. OMG kiko is AWESOME! I think out of all the winners that I spoke to, I feel the most connected with him. Maybe because he is closer to my age!? He is very spiritual and was a member on SURVIVOR! He seems like such a free spirit and it was very easy to talk to him.
I called these accessories and he got offended and said they are NOT accessories..and he never takes them off as they were gifts from people and each piece represents something. すごくない?!
He then pulled out this huge book that is his diary. He was very open about it and wanted us to read it. This is what he wrote in while he was stuck on the island during SURVIVOR. WOW.

I was happy to see this..he stuck this label of glaceau vitamin water's FOCUS. He loved the copywrite. I love it too. YAH, glaceau vitamin water for LIFE! hehe

My next interviewee was Sarah D. The youngest of the bunch. She is only 14! A very young soul. I'm hoping that winning this competition doesn't change her and that she will continue to be pure and friendly to everyone.

Tereza and Patricia. These 2 were like best friends. I didn't interview but watched them enjoy themselves in their Benetton clothes.
David 'Asian Pride!' Sheldrick. David's shoot reminded me of something that you would see in Warp Magazine in Tokyo or something very similar to the group Big Bang. He was very energetic and seemed like he was having a lot of fun. The least camera shy of the 19 contestants I would say. The only thing I didn't like was the 'asian pride' in his name!! We don't say that anymore right?!

Melanie Alexander x Abdoul
Unfortunately, I didn't speak much to these 2. Was I too shy!? A huge regret!

Mr. Benetton came tooo

Josh Olins at work


more shoes!!!

ooh..what's this?
how do you wear it?!

like this?! hehe

these 2 were unseparable!

impossible to diet!

My favorite: Magali

Magali was on hi demand by everyone. She was sooo busy so it was difficult to get some time with her...and by the time I was MY TURN to do an interview. For the little time we had to speak tho, I felt Magali was really down to earth. She's living in Paris and has a vietnamese mother...and we also have a mutual friend who was also in the It's My Time competition.
the man who took sneaky photos us.
Chris Saunders.

Meet Ben.

He reminded me a little bit of Ross from Friends. Kinda funny and sweet at the same time. I didn't get to speak to him much either....but I guess you can see he is a Lady's man.

Maki x Shon were the fastest stylists ever!

susie bubble x the infamous Glenn O'brien x me ( i was super nervous)

I started to feel like Magali had a sofia coppola aura..

she was my favorite....

the contestants were sooo happy

they were the entire time..doing facebook! LOL

thank you for everything!!!!!!!!

and as more food and sweets came out..I had to leave.. (>.<)

I wanna say お疲れさまでした to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I wish that I was more interactive, especially since I was really looking forward to meeting all of you. I learned so much from this NY trip and know now what I need to do to be a better journalist from here on out. Experiencing this experience with you was amazing and I hope that we will run into each other sometime in the near future. I'm excited to see the new catalogue and to follow what you will all do after this. To see more official photos from this NY experience with the It's My Time winners, please CLICK HERE: LIVE FROM NY


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