Sunday, March 14, 2010


i met a poet tonight, her name is Oguni TOY.

her new book.

ran into naoki

so on the way to our next place...

penguin! from maisassygirl on Vimeo.

now its your turn! from maisassygirl on Vimeo.

i heart yukio

p.s. to learn the history of the penguin dance..(it's actually not called that....)

discovery of a new dance from maisassygirl on Vimeo.

Errolson and I were at The Miss Universe Japan 2010 Finals and I had a knot in my shoulder so I started doing this exercise out of no where..then errolson started doing it then i took out my new flip video camera. and now.. this is our special can do it too. it's pretty fun and gets the knots out of your shoulders...but the most important u have to look up and open your mouth. lol. just dont do it outside when a flying bird can drop something unpleasant in your mouth. hehe


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