Sunday, March 14, 2010

PARTY REPORT. ES 15th Anniversary

there were so many dudes here. hehe

my favorite. keythdeath
he is in the competition for benetton's IT'S MY TIME campaign.
please vote for him!
and he has a special skill too!! watch the video below! hehe

tongue pumping from maisassygirl on Vimeo.

so he's not much of a fistpumper but...yeah.


some fun video clips:

my name is TRIP. from maisassygirl on Vimeo.

EBI! MY BROTHER! from maisassygirl on Vimeo.

so im loving my new FLIP video!! the quality of the videos are awesome! i just need to learn how to navigate it..hehe thats my next step...anypoo..enjoy!


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