Sunday, January 17, 2010


i heart my liv lo

the kinfolk crew
i'm sorry i didn't stay very long..i had to head to air.....

one of my tequila girls: princess hanae

the dancefloor at air. always packed!

aw MAN! i just realized john and i didnt do our usual pose this night!!!

Chaki (the lowbrows) x Taku☆Takahashi x DJ Maar (dexpistols)
3 of my favorite dj's behind the dj booth. perfect!!!!!

everyone felt the same as you can seee!

It's still the beginning of the year and I'm taking it easy on the club hopping... But as usual, I go to support where my friends dj. Also, if you are really into music there were many interviews and new sounds on TCY RADIO. Please check it out!!!! : TCY RADIO


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