Thursday, January 28, 2010


what usually happens when you ask someone to take a photo for you.

joe, you are beautiful. im jealous.


fistpump fistpump!!

wait, what? was it my birthday? why do i have cake on my face!?!? lol
nooo it's RUI's!!!
Happy Birthday RUI!!!!!

domo arigato, mr. roboto.

I woke up this morning with no pants on. When I got up to pee I found my wallet and a beach towel in the hallway...Something red was sticking out from under the fridge..since I was without glasses I slowly realized it was my necklace (still in 1 piece thank goodness!) When I went back to bed I tried to look all around for my glasses, stumbling over the mess that seemed like a typhoon came thru my room. When I laid back down on my pillow I heard a crack. oh no.... IT WAS MY GLASSES! Thank goodness it was not broken!! What happened last night!? I'm very very happy to say tho that there wasnt a tiger in my toilet or a baby in the closet. I feel like watching 'the hangover again' for perhaps it will help me learn how to re-trace last night. HEHE fun stuff. love my friends, each and every one of you!!!!!!!! Especially you diesel people!! LOVE YOU LONG TIME BABY!!!



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