Sunday, January 17, 2010

PARTY REPORT. An ATYPICAL Night with the homies. 1.16.2010

so i planned to go here...but got side tracked and ended up.....

dropping by to support nashi..

ran into shin. i LOVE shin soooo much. he's friggin awesome!!!

i ran into these homies and decided to continue the night together...

ran into akachi & ma-kun

then with 5 in the taxi (im always on the floor) on the way to shibuya but...

OMG--we ended up at VUENOS!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! NOOO WRONG WAY!!!
I have to say tho, the music was good............

and at 5am I think this was? it was STILL PACKED!

LOL!!!!!!!!! i couldnt stop staring at this dude's haircomb!!!
(what do u call it?!)

The random dude on the very right with the peace sign asked me, 'hey, which one of us is the most 'kakkoi (coolest looking?) --pointing to a line of like 6 guys including him (not in this photo) answer:ない。(oops.) sorry. but to those who travel to tokyo...especially girls, if you really wanna get picked up..this is the best place to go on the weekends. I think I'd only go for the music.......the mainstream hiphop music.......I was suprised at how many girls were here tho... it was refreshing to see that PEOPLE STILL PARTY IN TOKYO! haha To be honest, from the end of last year until now, the party scene seemed to be dying...(or maybe it was just the places that I went...), perhaps due to the recession, or other things.. but anyway, it was so ghetto last night but we totally made the BEST of it.........loved these girls!!!!!!!!

we danced SOO much. haven't grinded this much in SOO long......

イケメン got tired.

So yea...not my typical night but it was SOO MUCH FUN! thanks to darin x keita! I think I got so used to being the leader of choosing which parties to go to that I forgot how to enjoy and just dance! So that is my secret..I have a schedule and I stick to it. I choose the parties depending on the timetable (when my friend's dj) and after I'm done there I go to the next. It felt so much easier for me to hit parties by myself so that I could cover everything (on my own schedule). But then, it started to feel like a job...and I think I really got tired of it! This blog was my motivation.. I wanted my readers to see what was going on in tokyo. Anyhow, I let the boys take control yesterday and look where we ended up. So funny. 2010. Hello to new things.
and the best way to spend sunday morning, is brunch with my girls. we like to pose like the boys above. hehe Yah, we silly. Whatcha gonna do?! huh? huh? yea that's right son. (as darin would say..hehe)


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