Monday, January 4, 2010

I left LA so LA came to me...RAY & SAYAKA in TOKYO!

I'm jealous of this couple...Ray & Sayaka. I dunno if I can say why they are in Tokyo right now, besides to see me (heehee) so.. mm ok. I won't. Ray is the funniest and sweetest guy ever. Sayaka, is an accupuncturist. I've yet to be poked by her needles. I came back from LA today...I would say about 12 hrs ago (it's 4:27am now)..and I absolutely HAD to meet up with these 2. I met them in LA..and they totally took care of me on Halloween!!! so yeah, I'm so jealous of them. too much LOVE! SO CUTE. So F'in cute. Ray gives me hope that there ARE nice guys out there!
and yes, i got fat. little piggy. oink.


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