Thursday, November 19, 2009

PARTY REPORT. Chilling for Charity @ demode 7 11.19

omg this was the cutest place to hang out at!

because im on a carb diet, i only ate the meat. yay me!

marie organized this party to raise money for a charity that she is doing for cambodia. she plans to build a library. I'm so proud of her! She started off raising money with her photo exhibition 「やらなくてもいいこと」'one step and more'. doing charities are definately the way to go. just like ines did for her birthday, by accepting only canned goods for the homless instead of presents. if i can find a cause that i really believe in, i think i will start planning a charity too. this should be my goal for next year.

じゃねみんな!!!! i'm off to hawaiiiiiiiii!


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