Friday, October 30, 2009

too many blogs.

meet stephen. i heart stephen x 100000!!!! it's because of stephen and errolson that i even started this blog. it's been about a year and a half now since i started this and today i have 4 blogs. it's hard to keep up with them all as i'm moving around so much these days. In the beginning, it used to be so easy. i'd go to all my events, come home, blog on this site and that's it. and then, i started traveling a lot so i created a travel blog: MAI TRAVEL BLOG

but then...I was asked to join MAI CEXWORK
I really like the format on the cexwork site, however, i didnt want to blog about the same things. so i've decided to try and match the concept of that site. cute girls. heheh

and recently...I was asked to join the transit blog team: MAI TRANSIT
I've started working at sign cafe recently which is owned by Transit. I figured, I would write about what I'm doing at work and the people at work, my friends who come by, etc.....but now that I'm not in Tokyo, I felt like posting about all the food I'm eating in LA/OC instead of posting them on my travel blog.

does this work?! i'm so きまぐれ。anypoo...


thanks for reading. (^o^)/


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