Tuesday, October 6, 2009

something fun, something new, something reaaaally challenging: waitressing at sign cafe

the menu that i have to study. hehe

she covered my ass everytime i messed Up!! thank u!

he helped me a lot tooooo!

and after my shift..

a special original cocktail...
and a healthy salad!

i've started a new job to improve my japanese. i shoulda started doing this stuff sooner! it's soo much fun but reaaallly hard. the food here is amazing too. i love the people i'm working with! they are sooo supportive and patient! hehehe until my next shift! so excited!

oh so after every shift, i'm going to teach my readers 3 new japanese words:

1. 爪楊枝 - つまようじ- tsumayouji - TOOTHPICK.
2.お手洗い- おてあらい- otearai - formal word for TOILET
ご注文 のお客様- The person who ordered this food.
food gochuumon no okyakusama.


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