Wednesday, October 14, 2009


jun x nakamura さんx kaori ohara さん
sign cafe is a great place to have meetings. heheh

it's gettin close to halloweeen!

keita was walking by and dropped in for a drink tooooo!
(this was after my shift and i was just chilling with meg)

today, i learned how to write the kanji for 生ビール (nama beer) - malt beer. i took a lot of orders today too and am getting better at holding the glasses. lol i dont know how everyone can hold like 3 glasses an ashtray and plates all at the same time. amazing. especially chihiro, she is a little taller than me but is like super waitress!!! this will be my goal to do this soon. i heart sign cafe!!!!

p.s the dvd player here plays american dvds so i played my american dvds this time:
1. the devil wears prada
2. marie antoinette
3. juno
4. the royal tennenbaums


next stop: northface

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