Sunday, October 18, 2009

PARTY REPORT. Marc Jacobs x Tiff Night @ Tiff Movie Cafe 10.17

i heart my garcia marquez gauche hand bag!!

but..i wish.....

i could afford this wallet!!! gah loooove marc jacobs!!!!!!!

i heart kazueちゃん


shogen x hideaki ikeuchiさん

kuniko ちゃん (dita) x ikeuchiさん x yoshiko ♡


we made a stop at the grand hyatt to say hi to some friends...and i got ask by some directors if i was an actress. one said i reminded him of an anime character..i wonder which one he meant!? this one? click. hehe heheh i was super flattered. fun stuff.

Honokaちゃん おめでとう!

these were made out of PET bottles!!!

please watch honoka's new movie!
looking for anne

we then got tickets to see a preview of avatar in 3D!
it was soooo good!!!


next stop: velours

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