Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mai in osaka

on my shinkansen ride up to osaka, we were able to see mt fuji!! even in the rain and typhoon!!!!

2.5 hrs later..

then straight to BIG CAT to see TEMPER TRAP
from the special seats. hehe

then off to dinner with naoko...
it was raining pretty hard and we were really i forgot to take photos of the food.. is the sign written in engrish.
if u use...



this was cute and disturbing..

look! trent! lol

broken umbrellas everywhere!

we heart marc by marc jacobs!

and then onzieme..
it was hiphop night. we ripped up the dance floor

then ..

jumping photography!!!

then went searching for another bar...
but found doraちゃん instead!

gave up..and someone had recommended SPA WORLD...
so we went since it was open 24 hrs..

man i loove engrish. lol
reasons u cant enter..
dont come if u have gotten dead drunk. lol

what is sottle?
So, how was my experience at Spa World? There were really weird people here, maybe because it was the middle of the night!?!? Anyhow, I think everyone should try this place out once to experience relaxation and awkwardness at the same time. Naoko pointed out that all the old ladies that were walking around were all there by themselves. The Baths/Onsens weren't so bad tho! By the time we got there everyone had gone to sleep in the sleeping room where they had these lazy chairs and all these women were passed out, so no one was in the baths.... I think Naoko and I tried ALMOST all of the bathes before i got too tired from soaking in water too long then we ended up chilling in the sauna and watched the news about the typhoon. After that we passed out for a bit and caught the first train back to tokyo......what a night!

and here is the tokyo sky this morning! apparently the winds were still pretty strong so all the trains were stopped!!! anyhow, until my next spontaneous trip ...


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