Sunday, October 4, 2009

japanese hospitals are creepy.

this is ikejiri hospital. i was really shocked that this was a hospital because, it doesnt look like a hospital but rather a really old apartment complex or psych ward or something...and maybe it was the time we went or something..where the sun was about to go down.........
the inside. creepier....

the buttons on the elevator were SO HUGE!

i went to visit my friend in the hospital today...he's been the hospital for about a week for inflammation of his intestines. he apparently got this from stress. what the hell..... anyway, his advice to everyone is to be careful...i think what he means is that you shouldn't work too hard, balance your life. the working people in tokyo are workaholics. i hope everyone takes the time to enjoy life and balance between fun and work. he has his final physical check up tomorrow, if his condition has improved, he can go back home, if not, he has to have surgery! if anyone knows keita, lets pray for him!!! お大事にhomie.


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