Monday, October 19, 2009


we were on the left side of the was amazing.

and yes, beyonce was this close..soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!

big respect!

thank u sooo much ia!!!


the production and stage was amzing!!

this girl in front of me was like....crying the whole time.

isn't she soooo beautiful!!!

and then this skirt..AMAZING!

this is seriously how close i was.

then fan with the hand again.

this outfit was soooo awesome!!!

loved beyonce's expressions.

and this outfit....

so cute.

one of the amazing backup singers. their dresses were SO sexy!! loved it!

the best manager ever!

beyonce goes to the middle stage..

omg. he was so good looking. hehe
tanaka san! yah! haha

loved this back up dancer she was sooo cute!

another costume change..

this is when everyone started crying.

single ladies.....

and finally, the tribute to michael jackson. i almost cried....

oh the cutest lil boy ever.

tonight was phenomenal. i fell in love with beyonce.


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