Monday, August 10, 2009

PARTY REPORT. G-STAR Raw Nights hosted by PHOENIX @ le baron 8.10

2/3 of boy allergy (eiko x tigarah)

jean nippon

and his lovely girlfriend

tigarah x deck (phoenix)

i heart CSS!!!

blaise (monkey majik) x may

dj kyoko (xxx) x Masa (MYSS)

arashi (jls)


jean x thomas mars (phoenix)

It was another amazing party by G-star last night. Let me just say it was a MONDAY and it was PACKED! There were many sweet bands from summer sonic hanging out last night, CSS, Grizzly Bear, Temper Trap, of course PHOENIX (the curator) and even beyonce dropped by!!! Who's gonna be the special guest next time!?!? GO G-STAR! i heart raw nights.


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