Sunday, June 7, 2009

PARTY REPORT. LOUNGE ACT @ UC (the afterparty)


yes, the sun was out and it was very nice outside. hehe

DJ P.O.L. styles has the cutest accent ever.

i heart bingo. we are bff.

my girls. work it.

party hard

イケメン (vice)

the baby was kicking.

x 5


after this i dont know what i ordered..
but it looked like this.

and michiko. got this.

and outside looked like this.
time after 7am or something. jogging anyone!?

So, every insider knows, UC is the best place to go after all parties. some go to OATH too, but UC is the place to go as well, but u have to know when to go...and this morning/last night was it. sooooo much fun!!! i swear its the dress. i think i overdosed on redbull cuz i had sooo much power-c. hehe we also attempted jumping photography, but it just wasnt the same without Keyth. yes, keyth, this is a shoutout essentially to you buddy.


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