Sunday, June 21, 2009

PARTY REPORT. G-STAR Raw Nights vol. 8 x andre x the penelopes x aoi sola @ Le Baron 6.19.09

welcome to a night of madness.
Tagged by Andre.

jun sato (wire image)

i heart the penelopes

the g-star bird faced guy was funny i guess hehe

i heart tokyo dandy

pablo x coca cola イケメン

andre tags on bryan burton lewis's sexy skull

the penelopes live

they sound amazing live!!!!!!!!!! let's party harder next time!!

my honeys melody x liv

bryan interviewing Yulia

my favorite 3. mel x christina x liv

aoi sola talking about her outfit

and then the tagging begins..

i heart andre

so then, aoi chan just takes it off...

body tagging..


happy birthday マリエ!(this was the pre-party hehe)

Fabrice (a.p.c) x abigail (abiloves...)

i love may long time.


we heart y.o.n.e.

may the best man win hehe...


in the end of the night i was bad and went to mcdonalds.

G-star Raw Night's curator this time was Andre. Tonight was sooooo much fun!!!! I had planned to go to other places this night but ended up staying til nearly the very end!!!! When a party can make me stay the whole night, it's a GOOD party. cheers to G-star. Raw Nights was definately RAW.


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