Thursday, June 18, 2009

PARTY REPORT. Departure Lounge vs. Le Baron

the warner bros イケメン
jack x tom x julian

i learned a lot about business today. hehe too bad the guys are leaving early tomorrow!!!!! Warner Bros has some cooooool stuff coming out, i can't wait!!!!!! harry potter!!!!!! gossip girl dvd's!!!!!!! and other really top secret stuff... heheh

oyamaさん and his beating heart. hehe

I sat for a while and then headed to le baron where all the fun stuff was happening.

aww, refreshing, the people who make le baron super fun.

aww yes, belvedere ix launching in japan!!! i attended the launch in Cannes with blondie. it was off the hook. and tomorrow should be just as fun!!!!

patrick x arrow.
i heart the happy fun people.


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