Saturday, May 23, 2009


After the GOOCY Exhibition, I headed over to the REEBOK showroom where I joined the Reebok Runner's event. I ate sooo much in France that I felt this was a great chance to start my REAL DIET! hehe There were 30 members (all from press/media) +me and mayuko (reebok) who was my translator!, and Eguchiさん、the professional trainer....

This is Eguchiさん、he taught us how to stretch and run efficiently!!! It's amazing how most people don't run correctly!!! After I mastered the 3 points of running (posture, distribution of weight, and rhythm)...I felt that running/jogging wasn't hard work at all and I could have gone farther!!
After this we went back to the Reebok showroom and I became intrigued by their new line....

Water from Coca Cola. I wish we could have hydrated with Vitamin Water! Revive would have definately helped me for my jetlag. Essential for the Vitamin C. Multi-V.. i miss vitamin water!

my favorite Reeok people!


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