Monday, May 25, 2009


tho it was a 10 minute walk, every SUNNY morning, i miss walking there...

i miss the super sweet security guy that didnt speak any english.

the sand, the bean bags, the atmosphere!

i heart richard young
Richard's Work

the busy NY girls from Full Pic working hard EVERYDAY!

always working!!

i didnt know them but they asked me to take a photo so...

alex and his see thru white shorts..
alexx noemi dj together
if you remember, they were BLONDIE'S back up dj dancers hehe

my fleur

my favorite waitress!! always took care of me!!!

greg and his pink mo-hawk

lionel x nina

luckily ran into VASS the day i had to leave!!!

the toilet doors that i didnt care about. i used the boys side if the girls side was occupied.

my savior stephanie.

my partner in crime, WADE

my bikini lover

and most of all i MISS CHI CHI!!!!!!

Cannes was AMAZING!!! Altho I was working, I was able to 'revive' from all the stress I've had in tokyo and have adjusted with more 'power-c' . I had such a 'multi-v' experience walking the red-carpet, watching movies that haven't been released yet, relaxing on the beautiful beach while getting a manicure and meeting really cool people from all over the globe! Celebrity or not, everyone was sooo nice and friendly that i've been able to reminisce about the positive 'spark'! (except the asshole taxi driver who locked his door and didn't let me in!)!!! Thank you especially to NINA and ERIC and everyone else on the team. You are all 'essential' to me! see you all in tokyo soooon!!!!!


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