Monday, April 13, 2009

Alone Time

Things have been a bit stressful recently, things around me that are out of my control. I'm the type of person who hates being alone..i love to be around people all the time and love meeting new people...but at the same time, i think it's become quite overwhelming so i decided to take a bit of time for myself, read a book and eat some yummy cheesecake. I've been reading this book called DEAR DIARY by Lesley Arfin, a book that one of my good friends lent to me like half a year ago...I had to meet my friend masa at 6pm today so i killed time at RESPEKT CAFE. They have Wi-fi here and the staff are very nice and the service is GREAT! Anyway, because of the Wi-fi, i eventually ended up chatting with my good friend MIKA from the OC for a while. good much for alone time ne? hehe I'm so grateful for everyone around me, whether we have beef or not, whether you like me or not, everyday i'm learning more about myself and who i want and don't want to become. Thanks friends. Here's to another cheesy post. Kanpai!


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